About Carlow

Carlow (Irish: Ceatharlach) is a city which is situated in the south-east of Ireland, 84 km from Dublin.

The settlement of Carlow is thousands of years old and pre-dates written Irish history.

The town has played a major role in Irish history, serving as the capital of the country in the 14th century.

As of 2016 there is a population of 56,875 people living in County Carlow.

A jewel of a county with a wealth of scenery and history – from rich pastureland and colourful mountains to the deep and historical Barrow River Valley. Everywhere in the landscape is the resonance of her ancient pre-Celtic past. A county of green, vibrant colours, whose welcoming people are much given to outdoor and sporting activities, such as gentle river cruising, golf or even hang gliding on Mount Leinster.

Brownshill Dolmen is a field monument of huge proportions, the capstone is believed to be the largest in Europe. The location, setting and purpose of this Megalithic structure have been the subject of conjecture for centuries. Most likely it marks the burial place of a local king of long ago but has been invested with a rich overlay of myth and legend. Access is direct from signposted carpark. 

Carlow has many activities to avail of that range from woodland walks and ecotrails to paintball, biking, hiking and canoeing. It also has a spa and golf resort within the grounds of the Mount Wolseley Hotel.